About Us

At Stateline Bullets our mission can be summed up into one word: preservation.

We are a family owned business that prides ourselves in the manufacturing of a product that is older than the Declaration of Independence. Quality, availability, and cost are all factors we take seriously. Our cast lead bullets are made of the highest quality foundry alloy and are triple hand sorted to guarantee you the best cast bullets the market has to offer, all at competitive prices. Our vision is to preserve the firearm enthusiasts’ community through our line of products for generations to come.

We have 40 years of experience of casting, shooting, and reloading lead bullets.

We tend to utilize “tried and true” old school bullet designs that have been proven by the forefathers of bullet casting. Our hard cast lead bullets are certified foundry lead of 2% tin, 6% antimony, and 92% lead. This gives them a hardness of between 16-18 on the Brinell hardness scale.


Constant Expansion

We are constantly expanding and adding new bullets to our line of products. Feel free to contact us about making particular bullets, we will try to carry them in stock if there is enough demand. Our retail store contains many various reloading items to supply the local community.

Our Location

Stateline Bullets is located in the scenic Endless Mountain Region of Great Bend, Pennsylvania. We love it here in Great Bend! Great Bend is a borough in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania that was founded in 1861 and has a current population of 734 people. It is located 39 miles north of Scranton, PA and 20 minutes south of Binghamton, NY. Located 5 miles south of the New York Border, Stateline Bullets is located right off the highway on route 81 and is a convenient stop from New York City on your way north to the beautiful region of Upstate New York.

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