Frequently Asked Questions

Sales tax is only applied to residents of Pennsylvania. The sales tax is 6% and will be applied to both product and shipping charges.

All products are in stock unless stated as “Out of Stock”.

All orders placed will be shipped within one week of placement, usually sooner.

Yes, an order can be updated before it is shipped, call or email us to make changes to your order.

We ship via USPS 3 day priority flat rate. We try to ship in the smallest box the ordered product will fit into, this allows you to receive your order the cheapest way possible. Normally $11.25 for 500 or less or $18.95 for over 500.

All orders are shipped via priority USPS with insurance up to $50.

Damaged and or Missing Product
If your order arrives and the product is damaged or some of the content is missing contact us. We will need pictures of the damaged packaging box, its contents and an explanation of your claim. We will file a claim with USPS, this usually takes at least two weeks for us to be reimbursed for the product and shipping cost. It is our discretion to immediately or wait until the USPS claim is fully processed before we ship new product or reimburse the customer.

Lost Shipping Packages
When an order is placed the customer will receive a USPS tracking number. During the holiday seasons please be patient, longer than normal delivery times occur. If your order is lost in shipping please contact us. Also contact your local post office they may be holding your package waiting for you to pick it up due to its weight. USPS requires a waiting period of 2 weeks before we can file a claim, the package may still show up. It is our discretion to immediately or wait until the USPS claim is fully processed before we ship new product or reimburse the customer.

Stolen Packages
If the tracking number indicates the package was delivered and you did not receive it, contact your local post office. The mail courier will remember the delivery and where they placed the package. If your order was stolen after it was delivered no claim can be placed against the USPS or us. We did our part, it is up to the customer to have a secure area to receive the package or have the post office hold your mail and you pick it up. Stolen mail is a federal crime contact your local law enforcement agency and file a report. Also contact your local post office to inform them, they can assign a mail inspector to investigate the crime.

Possibly in the near future we will carry 30 caliber Hard Cast Rifle bullets that are gas checked.

We recommend Lyman’s reloading handbooks. Many loads that utilize similar bullets to ours can be found in the older Lyman Cast Bullet Handbooks, copyright dates of 1973 and 1980 (3rd edition).

We lube our bullets with a lube that is non tacky and performs equally well at both high and low velocities.

Yes, call us to verify we have them in stock.

Yes, we offer free shipping on Bulk orders (18k) of our Cowboy Action Bullets. We also offer stocking dealer discounts and gun club discounts.

The hardness of our hard cast bullets is between 16-18 BHN, once we cast our bullets we allow them to “cure” for three weeks before being sold. This allows their hardness to stabilize. Our soft cast bullets have a 9.5-10 BHN.

Yes, heating our bullets to 350 degrees and then water quenching them will raise their hardness to around 22 BHN. At this level of hardness the bullet is so hard that it tends to shatter, the lead is no longer malleable.

If a person hand casted bullets from a single cavity mould I would expect to see very tight tolerances on bullet weight. If the same person utilized a two cavity mould each bullet from each of the cavities would be slightly different. A commercial cast bullet manufacture will use up to six sets of 2 cavity moulds at once. The manufacturer of the moulds cannot guarantee a tooling tolerance of zero. Nor does the mould manufacturer cast bullets from each mould they produce. A human hair is around .003″, if a mould is cut from the mould manufacture that has a base just 2/3 of a hair (.002) longer, that bullet will weigh considerably more. So even though the mould manufacturer keeps within a tight tolerance the weight of 12 bullets (2 cavities x 6 moulds, one rotation of the casting machine) will vary. The heavier the bullet (bigger diameter) the more we can expect to see weight variances.

It is your responsibility before purchasing any of our products to verify that your order is legal in your state. We reserve the right to cancel any illegal order.

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