30 Cal (.308) 150 gr FMJ BT

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Hornady 30 Caliber (.308) 150 gr FMJ-BT bullets for reloading. Great bullet for high power matches. Hornady Part# 3037.

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30 Cal 150 gr FMJ BT bullets for reloading.

Technical Information:

  • Hornady Part# 3037
  • Diameter: 0.308″
  • 150 gr. FMJ BT
  • Ballistic Coefficient 0.398 (SD 0.226)
  • Hornady increased their packaging box size, the original packaging box might be modified to fit multiple boxes into a USPS small flat rate box.

Additional information

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2 reviews for 30 Cal (.308) 150 gr FMJ BT

  1. Michael W.

    Great bullet for target practice, use for basic load development for 150 gr shoot out to 300 yards great groups with Varget powder . Using these economical to use than standard hunting bullets for target.

  2. Mike H

    I worked up a load using these bullets and IMR 4895 powder for my National Match M1 which is very close to as-accurate as the much more expensive Sierra 168 grain HPBT (#2200). Great for regular shooting and casual match use! (check your reloading manual for powder charges, mine is very close to published specs for 2650 fps)

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