44 Cal 245 gr SWC Keith Type

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44 Caliber 245 grain SWC Keith Type Hard Lead Cast Bullets for Reloading. Authentic Hensley & Gibbs 503 Elmer Keith original design. This cast lead bullet is the old stand by for the 44 Magnum and 44 Special, very accurate old school design. This is not loaded 44 magnum ammo.

Note: We are now default sizing these bullets to a diameter of 0.431″. Previously they were sized to 0.430″, if you want your order sized to 0.430″ let us know, call (570) 871-7900) or email info@statelinebullets.com.



44 Cal 245 gr SWC Keith Type
This bullet is a true Hensley & Gibbs 503 original Elmer Keith design. Many of our customers that have bought this bullet reported to us that this bullet is the most accurate cast bullet they have ever tried in their 44 caliber handgun. They simply love them. Try a package and see for yourself. This is not loaded 44 mag ammo.

While handloadermagazine.com was performing a review on a single action revolver in 44 special, they handloaded and tested some of our 44cal 245gr SWC cast bullets.
To view their video: Click Here

Technical Information:

  • Diameter: 0.431
  • Weight: 245 gr
  • Old School Keith Type Design
  • Bevel Base, very slight bevel, a flat base with just the sharp edge removed.
  • Shoots as well as a pure flat base bullet.
  • H&G 503
  • Hard Cast BHN 16
44 cal 245 gr SWC at a Steel Plate

44 cal 245 gr SWC vs Steel Plate

Our 44 cal 245 gr SWC vs Steel Plate.
Firearm: Ruger 44 Mag Blackhawk Revolver.
Distance: 20 yards.
Target: 3/8 Plate Steel.
Velocity: 1250 fps approx.
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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

14 reviews for 44 Cal 245 gr SWC Keith Type

  1. Richard B (verified owner)

    Great looking bullet. Very fast shipping. Well packaged. Will be ordering again.
    Thanks A++++

  2. John L., Tout Run, PA

    I have been doing some research and shooting trying to find one load that will perform out of my .44 mag. Encore pistol w/ a 12 inch barrel and 2X scope. After numerous tries w/ jacketed, SWC, and hardcast bullets from Stateline, I have settled on a Stateline 245 gr. Keith style hardcast bullet over a CCI 300/Rem 2 1/2 primer charged w/ 21.0 grs. of IMR-4227 powder. It will cut holes at 25 yds. and shoot well under 2 inches at 50 yds. which is plenty good for the areas I hunt. No evidence of leading either. I will be converting my .357 & .41 mags to Stateline bullets as well.
    Note: Stateline Bullets, LLC does not validate any customer provided loading data, use at your own risk.

  3. Eric C.

    Obtained load data from Lyman’s 49th handloading guide using 2400 powder. Excellent accuracy with minimal leading in my S&W 29-2 8 3/8” barrel. Will absolutely purchase again!

  4. Michael A (verified owner)

    I have been looking high and low can’t find anything like your 44 cal 245 SWC. Hope your casting as we speak because l am out. Waiting to hear from you, love your cast boolits. Thanks very much.

  5. Jerry (verified owner)

    Love these hard cast bullets in my TC Contender and Ruger Redhawk…arrived in perfect condition, are very hard and the lube is still in the lube groove! Haven’t hunted with them yet but I can see no reason why they won’t work just fine up here in Alaska for caribou, black bear and (only if necessary) brown bears. Now just waiting for them to get 357 hard cast back in stock…

  6. Mike (verified owner)

    Jim, tried a few of your .430 dia. bullets in my ruger black hawk ,44 special yesterday, they did everything your advertisement said they would do. At twenty yards I shot a 1.5 ” group with 7.5 grs. of Unique powder, Starline cases CCI 300 primers. Experienced a little lead scuffing in the barrel, probably due to barrel is not broken in yet. Your .431 dia. bullets shot basically 1 hole at same range and powder charge. I will highly recommend your product to any one who inquires about your company, service was extremely fast, received my bullets in two days, and the phone call to you ,you took time to address my question about your product. I am a Vietnam veteran and have been a reloader for approximately 55 years and have never had dealings with people in this shooting sport of your caliber, in other words, Jim, what ever you tell some one they can take to the bank.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mike, Lore City , Ohio

    Note: Stateline Bullets, LLC does not validate any customer provided loading data, use at your own risk.

  7. Charles C (verified owner)

    Just received my shipment. I have not fired any yet. Shipping was very quick. They were packaged well and appear to be very consistent. The lube was well done and all in the grooves. They seem to be very hard and I am well pleased. Will order again. Thank you!

  8. Roland B

    Excellent product and a very fair price . Great communication , a real nice company . Roly B

  9. David D. (verified owner)

    Great cast 44 Keith boolits. They’re the only game in town besides MBW sizing 44 cal boolits to .431, which is what I need without serious leading, and these Stateline boolits are literally half the price as MBT and equal quality. Add old world customer service and you have a winner by every metric.

  10. Trent W R (verified owner)

    My go to bullets for 44 magnum, top quality, and Stateline gets them shipped fast, glad I found this gem of a business, thanks Stateline for top quality, and low prices.

  11. Gary S (verified owner)

    My 44 magnum revolvers and I love the 245 gr Keith bullets from Stateline whether I am loading full magnum or Skeeter 44 special loads I am never disappointed in their performance or concerned about serious leading. Stateline’s bullet quality and their customer support is second to none.
    Team Stateline Bullets keep up your great work it is very much appreciated by your customers.
    Gary an old guy from the snowflake state of ca.

  12. Shaun (verified owner)

    A+ bullets. Following Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook … 1.712 OAL with 19.5-19.7 gr Alliant 2400 …Remington brass and Winchester WLP primers. 50 cent piece group at 40 yards using a red dot on my Ruger Super Blackhawk.
    Thanks again, Shaun

    Note: Stateline Bullets, LLC does not validate any customer provided loading data, use at your own risk.

  13. Tactical G (verified owner)

    I recently lost my long time supplier of 44 Keith bullets and was concerned about finding a solid and reasonably priced replacement. Well it looks like I have. Thank you Stateline for not only having this tried and true bullet design available, but for have it in stock as well. Customer for life!

  14. Harry D (verified owner)

    The 245 grain .44 cal. Keith bullet is my favorite for the Special and the Magnum hands down and this one from Stateline is top notch. I don’t much care for a bevel base or a hollow point so this bullet fills the bill for me. And to have one with the high quality like this is icing on the cake.

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