45 Cal 255 gr SWC Keith Type

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45 Caliber 255 grain SWC Keith Type Hard Cast Bullets for Reloading. Excellent cast lead bullet for the 45 Colt, also known as the 45 Long Colt or 45 LC.



45 Cal 255 gr SWC Keith Type
45 LC 255 gr SWC, 45 Colt 255 gr SWC, 45 Long Colt 255 gr SWC

Technical Information:

  • Diameter: 0.452″
  • Weight: 255 gr.
  • Nose to Crimp Groove: 0.400″
  • Keith Type
  • Bevel Base
  • Hard Cast BHN 16

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

3 reviews for 45 Cal 255 gr SWC Keith Type

  1. Doug H (verified owner)

    I used to cast my own bullets so I do recognize a good cast bullet. The 255 grain .45 caliber Keith bullets I just received are the best and most correctly cast bullets of this type. You folks are a true quality-minded organization and I will order these bullets from you again after I’ve used these up. I’ve shot .45 Colt in my S&W Model 25-5 revolver for years and now I have a Rossi R92, 16″ bbl. carbine that shoots the exact same load. Since curtailing my own casting endeavors, I have searched for someone who truly understands what a pure Keith bullet looks like, and you folks have nailed it! I used a 2-cavcity mold that is exactly like yours and now I have a supplier. Kuddos!!! Keep up the good work!! Regards, Douglas H., N.C.

  2. John T

    John T Just as good as formed bullet as you would expect. Good job.

  3. Keith M

    I’ve tried 4 maybe 5 different bullet/load combinations in my Blackhawk, and this was THE one that shot 5 in one ragged hole. The 200 gr. soft bullets are great too, but this one really brings out the potential of the Ruger.

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