45 Cal 230 gr RNFP

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45 Cal 230 gr RNFP Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Handloading or Reloading. Very similar to the Saeco #954. Excellent bullet for the modern day 45 Schofield, 45 Colt, and 45 ACP revolvers. Feeds well in a Lever Action Rifles.


45 Caliber 230 grain RNFP Hard Lead Cast Bullets for Reloading.
Excellent for the modern day 45 Schofield and 45 Colt. Very similar to the SAECO 954.
45 LC 230 gr RNFP, 45 Colt 230 gr RNFP, 45 Long Colt 230 gr RNFP

Technical Information:

  • Diameter: 0.452″
  • Weight: 230 gr.
  • Round Nose Flat Point
  • Flat Base
  • Crimp Groove
  • Hard Cast BHN 16
  • Feeds well in lever action rifles


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1 review for 45 Cal 230 gr RNFP

  1. Pat (verified owner)

    First picked these up at a gun show, took a chance, was actually looking for a heavier bullet. This has become my trusted go-to for my new model vaquero 45 colt. They shoot well at point of aim even out to 40 yards. I think I’m pushing them to around 800-825 fps which gives it the right muzzle rise for my gun, without having to mess up the front sight blade (i.e. Filing). The only reason for four stars is the lack of bevel on the base, so I have the expander die set to flare accordingly to avoid lead shaving. It’s really more like 4.5 stars because they still load easily. Like everything else I’ve used from Stateline, great price and quality, shipped very quickly. I plan to stick with them.

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