9mm 147 gr FP

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9mm 147 grain FP Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading or Handloading. It features a Truncated Cone Flat Point with improved bearing radius to provide excellent feeding. This boolit has been specifically designed by Stateline Bullets and is not sold anywhere else.

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9mm 147 grain TCFP Hard Lead Cast Bullets for Reloading.

Technical Information:

  • Diameter: 0.356″
  • Weight: Approx.147 grain
  • Improved bearing radius for better feeding.
  • Improved nose radius for less friction when feeding and improved accuracy.
  • Bevel Base
  • Hard Cast (BHN 16)

Below is a customers target utilizing our 9mm 147 gr FP Cast Bullet.
(22 shots at 50 feet)

9mm 147 gr TCFP Target
9mm 147 gr FP Customer Target

Caliber: 9mm
Bullet: 9mm 147 gr FP Cast
Powder: Accurate #7

Additional information

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2 reviews for 9mm 147 gr FP

  1. Mark O (verified owner)

    Loaded these 147gr bullets over Bullseye and cci sp. primer in various brand cases. Shot out of a Glock 26, Ruger LC9s, and Star Firestar. No problems with function and accuracy was good. (Only shot at 10 & 15 yds.) Very little leading (the glock has a Wolf barrel). I wanted to try 147gr. because 120 and 90gr. bullets will not stabilize and about 15% will tumble. These 147 tcfp bullets all fly true. These are very good bullets. I was happy to find a company only 100 miles north of my home. 4 stars, not 5, because I can find jacketed bullets for less than $0.10.

  2. Bruce D (verified owner)

    I loaded the 147 gr tips over Win 244 from starting load to near maximum in the 9X19mm Luger in 0.2 grain increments. I fired them in a 1911 Range Officer Spfd. fitted with a BarSto barrel. At 25 yds – 2 hand offhand, the largest 10 shot group was three inches with five shot groups measuring from 1.05″ to the largest at 1.75″ Also your lube smokes much less than 50/50 beeswax/Alox. Very consistent tips with very few flaws and a very good product – Thanks.

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