9mm 115 gr FMJ

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9mm 115 grain FMJ Reloading Bullets. Hornady’s Advanced Manufacturing Process copper jacketed lead core bullets made to highest standards for consistent accuracy and reliable performance. Used for both plinking and target shooting, these all purpose bullets are excellent for autoloading handguns, ensuring reliable feeding and cycling.

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9mm 115 gr FMJ Bullets for Reloading.

Technical Information:

  • Diameter: 0.355″
  • Weight: 115 grain
  • Ballistic Coefficient 0.140 (SD 0.130)
  • Near Zero tolerance for concentricity.
  • Near Zero wall thickness variation.
  • Punch through targets without deforming or breaking.

Additional information

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1 review for 9mm 115 gr FMJ

  1. Matthew_H

    I just started loading the FMJ 9mm from Stateline bullets, great product, excellent service and very knowledgeable staff. Great people to talk with, good line of powder and primers. Thanks jim for all the help.

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