45-70 420 gr RNFP


45-70 420 grain RNFP Hard Cast Bullets for Reloading.
Lyman Mold #457643. This is a very accurate 45-70 cast bullet, perfect for lever action rifles as well as single shots. Originally designed by Don Shay for lever action 45-70 rifles. Ideal in the 1886 and 1895 lever actions firearms. The lube utilized on these bullets is a tad softer and a bit tacky. Due to the bullets inordinate amount of bore contact, our softer bullet lube will perform superior over our normal bullet lube. 45-70 Cast Bullets.


45-70 420 gr RNFP Hard Cast Bullets for Reloading.
This cast bullet is similar to the common 45-70 405 grain RNFP but a tad heavier and has a shorter nose length. 45-70 Cast Bullets.

Technical Information:

  • Bullet Diameter 0.458″
  • Lyman states 400 gr. (Actual Weight 420 gr.)
  • Lyman Mold #457643
  • Bullet Length 1.060″
  • Crimp Groove to Bullet Nose Length 0.410″ (Approx.)
  • Flat Base
  • 3 Lube Grooves
  • Hard Cast 16 BHN

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


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