38 Cal 144 gr WC Type I

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38 Cal 148 gr WC Wadcutter Hard Cast Lead Bullets. Actual weight 144 gr. This bullet is a true Hensley and Gibbs 251 specifically designed for the Smith & Wesson Model 52 semi-auto. Customers that have a Model 52 reported instantly increasing their scores with this bullet. Made for flush seating. Very accurate in revolvers too.


38 Cal 144 gr WC  Hard Cast Bullets for Reloading.

H&G #251 .38 Special Auto for the Smith & Wesson Model 52 semi-auto. Three rounded grease grooves, no crimp grooves. Same at both ends (bevel both ends and full-wadcutter nose).

Technical Information:

  • Diameter: 0.358″
  • Actual Weight: 144 grain
  • Type I Wadcutter
  • Bevel Base
  • BHN 16
  • DEWC Double Ended Wadcutter
  • Match Grade Quality
  • Designed for the S&W model 52

Note: When loading this bullet, be sure to place the sprue end inside the shell casing.

While at a gun show we had a gentleman (a bullseye competition shooter) state that he hand casts hollow base wadcutters (HBWC) and he never found a commercially produced wadcutter that shot as good as his bullets. We convinced him to try ours. Below is a letter he sent us along with two targets, his HBWC verses our DEWC.

A letter from a customer that hand casts HBWC vs our commercial production DEWC.
A letter from a customer that hand casts HBWC vs our commercial production DEWC.


Customer Target his hand casted HBWC.
Customer Target his hand casted HBWC.


Target from our production DEWC.
Target from our production DEWC.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

6 reviews for 38 Cal 144 gr WC Type I

  1. Jerry U. (verified owner)

    Your type 1 WC tested by far the best for use in my model 52 S&W. Not only were they more accurate than any solid base WC I tried at 25 yds but nearly equal to the best hollow base that are so hard to find, but were better at 50 yds.

  2. David

    I have been using this cast bullet for about three years now. They perform well at both 25 and 50 Yards with Winchester 231.

    Customer service at Stateline bullets is excellent. The bullets are packed so well that it is a fight to get the shipping boxes open. Jim glues the boxes, and tapes the boxes and packs inside the boxes smaller boxes that are sturdy and taped. I can’t imagine any of his packaging failing in transit!

  3. Tim C (verified owner)

    Decided to give wadcutters a try. Wanted some with a low recoil for my Ruger LCR so went with 2 grains of Trail Boss. Super happy with these and just placed a second order.
    Note: Stateline Bullets, LLC does not validate any customer provided loading data, use at your own risk.

  4. Wolfman (verified owner)

    Bullets are great in both my S&W model K-38 and S&W model 52.
    Loaded with 3.0 grains of Bullseye.

  5. Dan W (verified owner)

    Thank you for your fast delivery and excellent products. You guys are the go-to company for me. You have a definitely satisfied customer!
    Thanks again:
    Dan W

  6. R. S. M.

    I have a Colt Python, Dan & Wesson’s and Smith & Wesson’s and you can really hone your skills with these wad cutters. Great to start a young shooter and female’s out with. Not meaning to bust on females. Fast delivery and great communication. I highly recommend.

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