38 Cal 125 gr RN


38 Cal 125 gr RN Hard Lead Cast Bullets for Reloading. Casted from Lyman 358242 heavy version. This cast lead bullet is perfect for the 357 Magnum and 38 Special. Hand Casted, Hand Sorted, and Hand Lubed. This is not loaded ammo.

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38 Cal 125 gr RN Hard Lead Cast Bullets for Reloading.

The Round Nose lead cast bullet has a better Ballistic Coefficient than your typical SWC style bullet. Perfect for the 38 Special or 357 Magnum cartridges. Feeds well in a Lever Action.

Technical Information:

  • Diameter 0.358
  • Weight 125 gr.
  • Round Nose
  • Flat Base
  • Lyman mold 358242 heavy version.
  • Old School Design
  • Hard Cast BHN 16
  • Hand Casted and Hand Lubed

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