38 Cal 125 gr TCFP Cowboy (Hard Cast)

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38 Caliber 125 grain TCFP Cowboy Action Hard Cast Bullets for Reloading. These Hard cast lead bullets are some of the best cowboy action bullets made for lever actions. This cast boolit is a true 38 Caliber boolit, not a 9mm bullet being sold as a 38. It has a Truncated Cone Flat Point with improved bearing radius to provide excellent feeding.  This boolit has been specifically designed by Stateline Bullets and is not sold anywhere else. They also qualify for free shipping see details below. CAS, SASS

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38 Caliber 125 gr TCFP Cowboy Action Shooting CAS Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading.
SASS Single Action Shooting Society.

With our improved bearing radius, less feeding friction occurs, this equates to better competition times.
Customers state their times instantly improve, try a package and see.

This cast bullet qualifies for free shipping on orders of 18K or more..!!
Call us at: (570) 871-7900 to place a bulk order.

Technical Information:

  • Diameter: 0.358″
  • Weight: 125 gr
  • Crimp Groove to prevent bullet set back
  • Bevel Base
  • Hard Cast (BHN 16)
  • For low velocity (750 fps) or magnum high velocity (1400 fps) loads.

Note: For the same bullet but in soft cast click here.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

8 reviews for 38 Cal 125 gr TCFP Cowboy (Hard Cast)

  1. Joe D (verified owner)

    I just received my order of these and was thoroughly impressed with the quality. The bullets were neatly packaged which was very convenient, and the lube ring was fully intact and not broken at all like some I’ve received from other companies, likely due to the tight packaging. The bullets were shiny and unmarred and looked exactly like the pictures on the website. You can tell they take time and put in the effort to deliver a high quality product. Prices can’t be beat, I’ve paid more elsewhere and received less. Great customer service, I even received a call to verify my address before shipping. I will be purchasing more very soon.

  2. Pete B (verified owner)

    Hi Bob and Crew, thanks very much for sending my .38’s in a very timely manner ! They look great ! It’s nice to find a maker who hasn’t forgot how to make good traditional un-coated bullets. I will most certainly be buying more of your products since I load for myself and several friends !! Pete

  3. Harold R (verified owner)

    Just received these bullets today. Really beautifully made. I am anxious to reload them and to come back to you for more!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rodolfo H (verified owner)

    Love the bullet, good for loading.

  5. Bill B (verified owner)

    I just cant say enough good about Stateline Bullets, their products as well as their service, packaging, shipping and friendly demeanor. This is to say nothing about their wait, or NO-wait times. You order and then your order shows up, its that simple. I understand and can tolerate waiting a bit for something I’ve paid for, I’m from the last generation with any patience but having to wait 12, 14 or 16 weeks or more? No, that’s ridiculous and I just cant do it anymore.

    Now, these 125gr hc pills are just the ticket for my Rossi92, they’re sized and lubed well and load easily. The accuracy I am getting is nothing short of amazing. No, a rossi92 isn’t a match-winning PRS gun and never will be but these bullets have elevated my expectations for bullet performance and I wont accept less than I’m seeing with these.

    As always I’m as happy with these as I have been with every other bullet I’ve seen from StatelineBullets.

  6. David F (verified owner)

    Very nice bullets. Thanks for the fast shipping. Yours are all great!

  7. Cecil T (verified owner)

    Ordered 250 38 Caliber 125 grain TCFP Cowboy Action Hard Cast Bullets & 100 45 ACP 230 grain RN. They shipped the same day I ordered and received in 3 days. Very well packaged remained intact from PA to WA. I called concerning when items may be back in stock and gentleman was very pleasant to speak with. He also informed me they do respond to items placed on wish list, and will contact when bullets are available. Family owned is important and I will do business with this company whenever I can. They help make shooting affordable and appears they maintain quality too.

  8. David A F (verified owner)

    They are very well made and seated perfect. Sure they will shoot straight. Very fast shipping, very satisfied.

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