38 Cal 125 gr RNFP

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38 Cal 125 grain RNFP Lead Hard Cast Bullet for Reloading. This cast bullet is a great all around cast lead bullet for both revolvers and rifles. This is not loaded ammo.

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38 Cal 125 gr RNFP Hard Lead Cast Bullet for Reloading.

Technical Information:

  • Diameter 0.358″
  • Weight 125 gr (Actual weight approx. 127 gr)
  • Bevel Base
  • Hard Cast BHN 16

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

2 reviews for 38 Cal 125 gr RNFP

  1. Gillyboy (verified owner)

    I won the Black Powder Cartridge Gunfighter category at Bordertown 2015, the Arizona state championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, using these bullets in my Ruger revolvers. These worked perfectly for me and the price was right!

    Gillyboy, AZ Territory

  2. Dean Z (verified owner)

    I have been buying these for awhile to get away fron the 158 gr. SWC for a change
    and lower price. I’ll buy 125 gr., 148 gr. WC, or 158 gr. SWC based on availability
    because I know any of these are accurate, well cast and a pleasure to reload
    and shoot.
    Dean, Ohio

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