38 Cal 158 gr SWC

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38 Cal 158 grain SWC Lead Hard Cast Bullets for Reloading or Handloading. This bullet is a Authentic Hensley & Gibbs 51. The H&G 51 was designed in 1935 by Phil Sharpe the originator of the 357 Magnum Sharpe solid bullet. This cast lead bullet is the old standby for the 357 Magnum and 38 Special.


38 Cal 158 gr SWC Lead Hard Cast Bullets for Reloading.

This bullet is a true Hensley & Gibbs 51.
The H&G 51 is considered by some to be the most accurate cast bullet for the .357 Magnum ever.

Refer to the article: The .38 SWC. By: Glen E. Fryxell

Technical Information:

  • Diameter: 0.358″
  • Weight: 157 gr approx.
  • Keith Type
  • Bevel Base
  • Hard Cast BHN 16
  • H&G #51

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

44 reviews for 38 Cal 158 gr SWC

  1. Pat (verified owner)

    Glad I gave these a try! Was going to stick with the more commercial ones I was using just cause I had a proven formula. Using the same charge, at ~1200fps, 4.5″ max spread of 10 shots, with most staying within 3″, at 25yds works for my plinking purposes. Every bit as good or better than what I was using, at a much better price!

  2. Steve F

    Trying these for target loads in my .357. I’m going to experiment with different loads of HP-38 to adjust the point of impact. Flys nice and leaves a clean hole.

  3. Eric (verified owner)

    Indeed a true replica of H&G # 51 bevel base, as confirmed by a 40 + yr old H&G catalog. Great in 357 Magnum and makes a fine all round bullet in your 38 Special. Stateline’s SWC is better in my opinion than the typical hard cast SWCs out there.

    Service is great – got my order in two days!

  4. Aj

    What a awsome cast bullet. Shoots unbelievable out of my 357. Thanks Jim for casting these shooters.

  5. Gary S (verified owner)

    “Outstanding Quality Bullet” Just tested some 357 recipes (bunny fart loads for plinking, moderate loads and magnum zombie loads) using this SWC with my S&W 686 Plus w/ 5″ bbl and I love it. The loads were accurate and tight. The big plus for me was no leading, which means no extra elbow grease cleaning my revolver “Nice”. So if your on the fence don’t hesitate just order these quality SWC bullets. Just when I find a quality lead bullet I and my revolver like the children in Sacramento are in the process of passing a bill that prohibits lead bullets to be used @ indoor and out door ranges. They already outlawed lead bullets for hunting.
    Gary from the snowflake state

  6. William L.

    Ordered some 250 rounds of .41 Mag bullets, they came really well packed, no way they would not arrive intact, weighed some and they are pretty consistent, I ordered some of their .38 Cal 158 grain Keith type bullet and look forward to receiving them.
    Both Jim and his son Bob are very easy to talk with on any order.

  7. Bill L

    My .38 caliber 158-grain SWC arrived and I loaded 200 rounds yesterday, very happy with their product, the end result was a very good looking round.
    I will be buying many more bullets from Stateline Bullets

  8. Sam

    Bullets look great,can’t believe how fast you got them to me.

  9. crwchfj10 (verified owner)

    I love these bullets for hole poking and steel plate shooting. They are definitely more accurate than I am capable of shooting. Use 38 special cases – use 3.6 grains of Accurate #2 powder – Winchester WSP primer and a COL of 1.460. Shoot them out of my 6″ barrel S&W 686. Shoot these all day and never get beat up. Thanks again for the fast shipping and top notch quality of your product. Plan on using the .41 and .44 as soon as I need them.

    Note: Stateline Bullets, LLC does not validate any customer provided loading data, use at your own risk.

  10. Patrick M (verified owner)

    Twice I have ordered from Stateline and twice I have been extremely happy with the quality, price and service. I’ll be back for sure!

  11. Harold M. (verified owner)

    .38 cal 158 grain SWC bullets. Packaged so well that I had trouble getting into them. I had to use a knife to finally get in. Inspection showed the bullets to be of excellent quality. Shipping was extremely fast and the price was excellent. Will order again and again.
    Thanks Harold M.

  12. Danny (verified owner)

    Great bullet’s – Great price I will definitely order again Well pleased.

  13. Joe (verified owner)

    Great bullets. Shipped them fast and worked perfectly. I was also impressed by the customer service when I sent an email. After 8 at night and they still emailed me back in under an hour. Good company to do business with.

  14. Clay D. (verified owner)

    Concur with all previous 5 star reviews. Great service and products.

  15. Derek

    Great customer service from Jim and his team. I received my bullets and the quality looks good. The H&G #51 158 grain SWC has a shorter nose and a wider meplat compared to the run of the mill SWC’s available, at a great price. Just what I was looking for.


  16. Danny B

    Sorry for taking so long for this review, I am beginning to load these bullets now. I want to thank you for your quick shipping and your exceptional packaging. The bullets arrived with lube intact and in fine shape. I will write a complete review after time at the range. Thank you all again, for your prompt service in this time of hard to come by supply.

  17. Robert

    38 / 357 158 grain LSWC. Very well packaged, wrapped in newspaper (good reading material I might add!), have shot a few and are very accurate. Make sure you use neck expanding die for best results. Great price on these bullets and will be reordering more when the time comes. Thanks for a great product!

  18. Jason (verified owner)

    Great all around bullets. I’ve tried the .41 SWC and the 38 SWC. I shoot light to moderate load but would not have any concerns going up to max loads with them.

  19. Ken (verified owner)

    Very good quality product. Very good service. Will buy again soon.

  20. Russell (verified owner)

    Great looking bullets. Consistent without noticeable flaws. Service was great, including email question, packing and fast shipment. Looking forward to running these through my GP100!
    Thanks Jim.

  21. Randy W (verified owner)

    38 Cal 158 gr SWC.
    I’m new to cast bullets. After finding Stateline and ordering the 250 quantity my confidence using cast bullets has been confirmed. I was concerned about bore leading and how to actually deal with cast bullets when loading. After a few email exchanges with Bob and then Jim, I placed my order. Jim explained the loading process using his bullets and the hardness and diameter. I’ve seen no excessive lead deposits and I’m really enjoying the loading and shooting of these bullets.
    I was thinking about buying a melting pot, molds and all the stuff one eventually needs to cast their own but decided to bypass all that and just buy more from Stateline. I just received my second 500 bullet order!
    Thanks for the support and fine product.

  22. Lee S (verified owner)

    ???? After reading all of the Reviews, concerning Stateline, I don’t think any one, has missed any thing that can be said positive, about Stateline Bullets. I purchased the 38cal SWC, and have found them to be of excellent quality, for the price. All of my reloads shot excellent. I have absolutely nothing, but good things to say about my purchase with Stateline. I highly recommend their products. They will continue to have me as a customer in the future.

  23. Peter D. B. (verified owner)

    Bought 250 of these and my Uberti .357 likes these a lot, used Alliant #2400 initially but have switched to Alliant BE-86 for much less punishment and better accuracy. They also shoot to same POI as 158 JHP which is pleasing also, more shooting less money.

  24. Russell F (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased these 38 Cal boolits in 158 gr SWC, 148 gr WC Type II &144 gr WC Type I. Every order shows consistent quality in the boolits and the shipping has always been fast and secure. I’m so impressed that Stateline will be my ‘go to’ cast boolit store until I finally start casting my own.
    Personal attention, email questions answered and decent pricing.
    My only complaint is availability, but I guess these guys can’t cast boolits 24/7!
    Thank you Stateline!

  25. John A (verified owner)

    I just received my order for 38 Cal 158 gr SWC. Every part of the process from finding the website to receiving my order was superb!
    Thanks a million!

  26. Steve (verified owner)

    Great looking bullets. .38 cal 158gr SWC shoots very well. Personal thank you letters in my two orders was appreciated. Excellent service!

  27. Randy M (verified owner)

    I have purchased the 38cal 158 gr swc and the 45cal 200gr swc, both are as expected and am very pleased with both. The packages come securely wrapped and the personalized service is appreciated. Thanks for an all around great experience.

  28. Don W

    Exactly what I ordered for my .44 cal. Model 29. That Keith 245 is great. Now just send me some warm weather so I can do some shooting. You should be getting some new customer’s. Great price and service. Enjoyed our conversation and will definitely be ordering bullets for my .357. Thanks again

  29. Michaeal W

    I have used these finely crafted bullets in my Ruger super black hawk and Ruger Gp-100 with excellent results, both in 357. These will be my go to bullets. Thanks Jim and Bob for an awesome product.

  30. Jerry C. (verified owner)

    2nd order from stateline. Won’t be my last. 148 & 158 wadcutters. Well packed, shipped fast. Buy here, I do!!

  31. John G (verified owner)

    2Nd order from Stateline and boy am I ever glad I found these guys. These are some chart topping bullets. They look and shoot great. Shipped so fast the mailman knocked on the door before I got my card back in my pocket. Thanks so much for being a great American company.

  32. Dave T (verified owner)

    These bullets are my new go to for fun, full power .357 range loads.
    They are very accurate from my 6″ barreled S&W 586.
    I loaded these in front of a maximum charge of H110, and I was pleased to find no leading. I loaded up a batch last night with Ramshot enforcer.
    I’ll be testing those tonight. Thanks Stateline!

    Note: Stateline Bullets, LLC does not validate any customer provided loading data, use at your own risk.

  33. Nick (verified owner)

    Best bullets I’ve found!

  34. Mike J (verified owner)

    Great looking bullet, very clean, neat job with the lube. Well packaged. Will Buy again. High Quality Product. Statelines 41 cal has become my fav these look to be as good look forward to shooting them.

  35. J R H (verified owner)

    Good looking high quality bullets at a reasonable price and with quick shipping. Hard to beat that combination! Highly recommend Stateline Bullets!

  36. Captain Ron L (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC PEOPLE! Great Customer Service, Bought the 158 gn SWC’s and the 115gn 9mm TCRN, Great bullets, shot well!
    Will be back over and over.
    Ron L
    Ripley, Ohio

  37. Pete B. (verified owner)

    Hey folks thanks much for another batch of PERFECT HG51’s ! My new S&W 686 LOVES them ! One of these over 13 gr of #2400 makes hitting plates a beautiful event. Please keep ’em coming !
    Thanks !
    Pete B.

    Note: Stateline Bullets, LLC does not validate any customer provided loading data, use at your own risk.

  38. Brandon R (verified owner)

    Thank you for the awesome bullets! Fast shipping and securely packaged. Got some loaded up and ready for the range. Will definitely be back for more!

  39. George L (verified owner)

    My bullets arrived safe and sound. After wondering if I would or could ever get the package open. These people pack them well. Just ordered another batch. Loading a few right after the holidays.

  40. David J V (verified owner)

    Great bullet for target shooting. Quality is only exceeded by their delivery and customer service.

  41. James C. (verified owner)

    I’ve loaded not only these bullets but several from Stateline and had nothing but great performance from each one. Buy with confidence and enjoy!

  42. Slayer

    This is my second order first 44mag 245gr swc Keith type excellent bullet so thought we would try loading these 38spl 158gr swc fast shipping and well packaged even a thank you note who does that anymore Stateline bullets does.

  43. Michael D (verified owner)

    One of the few companies that will actually get back to you if you contact them, and will call you if they say they will. I have tried a few different companies, like these the best. Shipping was very fast. Hardest part was unwrapping them:)

  44. Terry B

    Received my order today. Arrived quickly and was packed very well. I’ve looked for this bullet for awhile and was glad to find it at Stateline. I will be ordering more in the future. Thanks again Jim.

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